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You may lose the journals & resources you need.

Some time ago, libraries began using less print materials and more online database, allowing faster access from anywhere. But what if you couldn't get your journals online either? It could happen.

Academic library databases cost a lot of money, and LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network makes it possible for over 47 Louisiana academic libraries to afford them. However, funding for LOUIS has been cut, threatening academic research and education in Louisiana.

Saved from the Hack! ...But not the HACKS.

The website was hacked a few weeks ago! However, things are now under control and the site is OK.

If only fixing higher education in Louisiana could be that easy! Budget cuts are everywhere, and all LOUIS member institutions are feeling the heat. Without LOUIS, things would be even worse!

For now, have a look at the NO FUNDS NO FUTURE student advocacy Facebook page:

LUC 2014 in Baton Rouge

The 2014 LOUIS Users Conference was held on Oct. 16-17 at the LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center. As usual, there were plenty of great presentations and conversations, all thanks to LOUIS!

HB 142: Please contact your senators!

A new bill, HB No. 142, has the potential to bring funding to Higher Education in the state without new taxes. The funds will most likely go to The Board of Regents. So the possible benefit to LOUIS and its member institutions is obvious.

Visit our sister site SHELA.ORG for info on contacting your senaotrs!

New Advocate article

There's a new article in The Advocate about LOUIS' need to gain more funding to provide better resources for the students of Louisiana. Read it here:

Funding boost sought for libraries’ online research


LUC 2013, new site, new webinars

LOUIS has been very busy this year! Here are only a few of their accomplishments:

They have been holding a new webinar series called "Learning With LOUIS" to help librarians learn about a variety of subjects.

LOUIS also updated their website with Wordpress, with improved resources for librarians, and unveiled a new version of their logo. See it all here:

And of course, the LOUIS Users' Conference (LUC) was as great as ever, again held in Port Allen, LA this past October.


LUC 2012

In the past year, support and need for LOUIS has not waned a bit!

LOUIS and its members again joined for the 2012 LOUIS Users' Conference on October 15-16, 2012 at the West Baton Rouge Tourist Information & Conference Center in Port Allen, LA. Many librarians attended, as presenters and attendees. Many thanks to the sponsors of the event, and to the Board of Regents. A member of the BoR was in attendance, and we are all appreciative of their support.

You can find more photos from the event on LOUIS' Facebook.

LOUIS presentation
LOUIS presentation LUC 2012
LOUIS presentation LUC 2012


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