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HB 1 to be discussed in Senate Finance Committee

LOUIS, the State Library of Louisiana, and the whole state could benefit from HB 1, which is a Funding Request to the Senate Finance Committee.
Please consider taking a moment to send your Senator a note supporting the increased funding to the LOUIS consortium!

Finance Committee members are below, with email addresses. You can copy and paste the list into your email program. Additional contact info is here.

Saved from the Hack! ...But not the HACKS.

The savelouis.org website was hacked a few weeks ago! However, things are now under control and the site is OK.

If only fixing higher education in Louisiana could be that easy! Budget cuts are everywhere, and all LOUIS member institutions are feeling the heat. Without LOUIS, things would be even worse!

For now, have a look at the NO FUNDS NO FUTURE student advocacy Facebook page:

LUC 2013, new site, new webinars

LOUIS has been very busy this year! Here are only a few of their accomplishments:

They have been holding a new webinar series called "Learning With LOUIS" to help librarians learn about a variety of subjects.

LOUIS also updated their website with Wordpress, with improved resources for librarians, and unveiled a new version of their logo. See it all here:


And of course, the LOUIS Users' Conference (LUC) was as great as ever, again held in Port Allen, LA this past October.


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