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BoR on LOUIS & HCR129, June 23

While the Senate was looking at HCR 129 on June 23rd (2011), the Louisiana Board of Regents was meeting and talking about various things, including HCR 129 and the status of LOUIS and its funding. Here's a clip of that, at about 3 1/2 minutes:

You can see the full original video of the entire meeting here.

Statement from Sara Zimmerman

Official LOUIS Home Page
Here is an email LOUIS Exec. Director Sara Zimmerman sent to LOUIS library directors on Thursday (June 23) which explains some things about the current status of the LOUIS Crisis and what HCR 129 means; all is verbatim except the addition of some hyperlinks:

Group, I wanted to give as accurate an update as I can at this time. There are still some uncertainties, but for now, this is what is going on.

As you are all aware there was a huge grassroots effort to get the word out about LOUIS. Many, many people in the academic library community stepped up and went well beyond expectations to make sure that the details of LOUIS were well known. It is my belief that these efforts paid off in our best interest.

The Daily Comet Reports

On June 15th The Daily Comet, which serves the Thibodaux area, published an article on the LOUIS crisis and the then-upcoming (now passed) HCR 129. You can read it here:
Cash shortage for electronic library system could hurt students


Senate Adopts HCR 129!

LA houseWOW! The move to the Senate happened so fast we didn't even know it happened! Yesterday, June 23rd 2011, the Senate adopted HCR 129-- Here's the video:

That's right, it didn't even take them 1 minute to decide!
Thanks so much to all who made this happen! The SAVELOUIS.ORG contact form has been changed to send thank-yous to the House and Senate! (until the next time a threat arises) So go thank them!

Here is the complete history of HCR 129.
You can view this an other Senate sessions on the legislature website here.

House passes HCR 129!

LA house
Big news! The House, without objection, passed House Concurrent Resolution 129. Here is the video, from about 3:40pm today, if you missed it:

We are very happy and grateful for everyone who supported LOUIS and HCR 129! Thank you!

HCR 129 was NOT heard today


LA houseAlas, the legislators at the House ran out of time and could not get to HCR 129 today even though it was on the schedule. We will be watching for it on their next schedule here.
According to the latest draft of the House Order, they will reconvene at 5:00 PM on Sunday.

The good news is, you still have time to inform your legislators that HCR 129 and LOUIS are important to you!

We've just now found out that HCR 129 has been scheduled for floor debate TODAY. According to the House Order of the Day it has not yet been considered for debate, but it will be.

Watch the live TV feed now!

Who said YEA? Who said NAY?

loveHere is an official voting record for those Representatives who voted YEA (10) or NAY (9). Some were not present. Please use the contact info in it to send a note of appreciation to those ten admirable representatives who voted to support LOUIS! Or, click here to send an email to all of them with your favorite email client.

HCR 129 now heads to the floor of the House for a vote. When this will occur is unknown. We'll keep you posted!

(Michael Matthews)



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