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Please Support HCR 129!

Inform your legislators to support HCR 129 to restore funding to LOUIS. Send an email with our instant form now!
Or send faxes and letters to the HOUSE COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS. Here is their full contact information, and a PDF to fax or mail: Click here or on the image to download.
link to .doc letter


House Concurrent Resolution # 129

Michael L. Jackson
Representative Michael L. Jackson has made a resolution in support of LOUIS! See the full text here, and here a quote:

Directs that the Board of Regents restore its funding of LOUIS, the La. Library Network, to at least the percentage provided for in FY 2009-2010 and expresses support for LOUIS as a critical component of the success of the state's public postsecondary education institutions.


LLA's Legislative Day, May 5th


JUSTICE FORUM: "Save the Libraries. Please."

There's a new video promoting LOUIS:

Video streaming by Ustream


LOUIS mentioned at Board of Regents meeting

Here is a clip from last month's BoR meeting with mention of LOUIS, and the letters that have been sent to them in support of LOUIS:

To see the original meeting in its entirety, go here:
Then click “Archives”, then click “Regents Archives”, then choose the 3/23 meeting and fast forward to time 3:07:45. It’s only about a minute or so.

And keep those letters and emails coming!

LSUE's Resolution in Support of LOUIS

The Faculty Senate of Louisiana State University-Eunice passed a resolution to support LOUIS today. Here is the text, and the .DOC original.

By the 2010-2011 Faculty Senate of Louisiana State University Eunice

WHEREAS: access to library resources is important to undergraduate education, research, and outreach of LSU Eunice faculty, staff, and students, and

WHEREAS: SACS accreditation is highly dependent upon the library resources available to the LSUE community, and

NSULA's Resolution in Support of LOUIS

The Faculty Senate of Northwestern State University passed a resolution to support LOUIS on Tuesday the 19th. Here is the text, and the .DOC original.


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